Winter this year felt like a long, very long coma wouldn’t you say ? Now out with the cold, the snow the fog and the rain and in with the sun !

As all things of life the sun has its ups and downs (and no I’m not taking about sunrise or sunset). But rather of the good and the bad it can bring to our bodies.

On the downside, the sun has been in the spotlight (no really it has) for being a danger for our skin. I’ve been raised with this fact and as I grow orlder I notice to be more cautious – is that because of every women’s fear of an aging skin ? So yeah you will see me as the ennoying girl slathering herself in sunscreen constantly by the pool, at the beach and really anywhere to be totally honest. I actually wear sunscreen all year round as my dermatologist told me that UV rays don’t vacation in winter !

But let’s keep things light and positive here why don’t we ? Despite my slatherring habits I do enjoy hanging out in the sun and fin dit to be such a mood lifter. That apparently is due to what we could call the sunshine vitamin or the sunny D. In fact, the sun is know to have a great impact on us as it’s a great source of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is produced by our bodies when in contact with the sun (and I assure you even with a thick layer of SPF). The sunny D fights diseases and depression, boosts weight loss… Do I really need to go any further ? Yes Sunny D is good for you so indulge Spring is here, summer ahead let’s make the best of it (with SPF of course – ok I swear this is the last time you here of it) !

A few last words would be that I intend on following Walt Whitman’s wisely advice and that is to keep my face always toward the sunshine so that the shadows fall behind me. I find it to be great life advice !

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