Hello everyone,

Some of you have been asking about The STYLEOLOGY’s silence in the recent weeks…and my answer, I share it with all of you now.

The presidential election was in full swing with its abundance of words, its promises that only engage those who listen to them as would Henry Queuille say… so I preferred withdrawal (not retirement!) … to empty my mind of all things, to listen, hear, observe, feel to then exercise my duty and enjoy my right to vote!

After the victory of hope over cleavages, of optimism over our tendencies to self-sabotage collectively: a new era seems to be opening up, offering itself to us! Let us enjoy it, let us savor it, let us take care of it, let us cherish it.

“Mademoiselle Liberté” d’Alexandre Jardin was during these few weeks my companion of reflection: another engaged and committed citizen who proposes to restore free speech… It is of our responsibility then to think about what we have to say, what we want, what we need. What if we were to think about what we could be doing without waiting for it to be done for us.

Freedom is always acquired with its companion responsibility. It’s not heavy, it’s simply the ability to respond and to act upon.

Thus let’s live this responsibility, this freedom and this trust to promote change and enable change.

A change is on the way… Spring is coming, let’s welcome and let’s make the change for love within every one of us!



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