Everyone has a morning beauty routine and we all have the same desire : a radiant healthy skin… What a challenge though, as we continuously ask ourselves a tone of questions : “do I really need another product ?”, “face oil brings oily skin, right ?”… The list goes on and on…making that healthy glow seem an unobtainable goal !

Let’s get all misconceptions out of the way : skin oils will not make you break out. On the contrary it truly nourishes you skin leaving it feeling as soft as it is healthy. It’s been used for millennia throughout the world…doesn’t that say enough ? You will end up using less products on your skin ! You will see skin oils pave the way to a #nomakeup #nofilter skin !

Lancôme’s Absolue Precious Oil has definitely gained the heart of my morning beauty routine. The white rose blended with seven other essential oils are truly a radiance booster.
Leaving your skin with a healthy glow, Lancôme’s promise for instant radiance is definitely upheld !

You can find it here

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