Horrified and sad to hear all the voices making themselves heard on social media around the me too hashtag…but relieved to hear that the law of silence has finally been broken. Women around the world are finally speaking out ! Who would have thought that a symbol on our keyboards would have had such a power – the power to break a taboo and restore the victims giving them the energy to walk on the path towards a regained dignity.

No one is immune from harassment or assault. Women being shut up by shame or victim shaming are finally making their voices heard. Though I’m sure that there are uncountable women out there still silenced by the humiliation they have endured, by fear, by embarrassment or because they do not have access to hashtags and social medias ! I also think about the men who are victims of such horrors who are buried in shame of not having “been a virile and powerful man to defend himself”.

Guardian columnist Jessica Valenti wrote : “If there’s anyone who deserves to be counted right now, it’s the monsters. So why not to that next?”. In France that is what’s been happening the last few days with #balancetonporc that has gone viral on the web.
Lets admit that this is more an opportunity for victims to exteriorize their suffering than to denunciate : few names circulate on social media. This could also be an encouragement to go and file a complaint against these violent acts. It is therefore necessary to train those who receive the testimonies or complaints (police…) so as not to add to the pain and humiliation of the victims. Despite progress there is still a lot to be done.

As for the pigs themselves, the word chosen by the French #balancetonporc, to qualify them brings me to question the image we have of these animals and I’m not certain the term qualifies. I prefer to speak about dehumanized monsters ! It is urgent for them to understand that they need help to free themselves from their destructive impulses and to regain freedom.

The ones to blame are not only the monsters that assault or harass ! All those people out there slut or victim shaming are also to blame for the harm all the victims endure – after all don’t they extend it enhancing the shame felt ? All these people are robbing women of their identities and their self-worth – making them feel ashamed of being just who they are !

So for each and every one, for all of us it is probably the time to ask ourselves about all forms of violence against women, men and children…
Let us reflect together for, from the youngest age, to equip the little ones of the Man with the tools that allow respect and Freedom.

To all the victims out there with or without the #metoo BE A VOICE NOT AN ECHO !

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