I wanna live forever young ! That tune is now stuck in my heads when I started working on this new blog post…thought I’d share it! Has it stuck to yours?

I confess that I love my French lifestyle of wine and baguette consumption but with the talk of wellness, fitness, health and detox all around it became tempting. So I decided to stop drinking alcohol and go into an intense detox for 50 days…and it was not all fun and games to be honest !

I could no longer ignore the little voice in my head that nagged gently reminded me that deep down, beneath the comfort of late night ice cream and numerous nights eating out, I actually wanted to give myself a chance to be healthier!  So I decided to cut out of my diet all fats, sugars and alcohols… water was to become my partner in crime when it came to my social life… DETOX MODE on point has millennials tend to put it !

50 days later I feel rejuvenated but I need my social life back !
To be truthful I have mixed feelings when I look back at this experience. I will do it again as it is rejuvenating but you definitely have to be in the right mindset to resist to temptation. Nights out with friends did not taste the same for one. You miss your favorite foods – I’m craving so many things at the moment! On the other hand I think it opens your mind to a different and healthier lifestyle that I will definitely try to uphold – just being more casual about the rules of detox…

I think I’ll stick to Gigi Hadid’s motto : “Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane.” After all that’s the thing about balanced lifestyle, it’s all about balance. Indulging becomes even sweeter.

To a healthier BALANCED life what do you say?

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