A denim a day…keeps a style emergency away…

Jeans are definitely part of my everyday look – could easily be said to be my ONE key essential. When talking about personal style to friends most of them end up pointing out my monomaniac behavior towards the denim ! I’ll take the guilty plea !

I have to admit that when it comes to my personal style “a denim a day” is definitely at the top of my commandments table. Denim have definitely made their way to becoming an essential of our everyday wardrobe.

Finding the right fit can be a struggle…wait what am I saying ? It is a struggle ! With all the different cuts, the different washes…and the ever changing trends (on day it’s the boyfriend, the next it’s skinny…can you keep up?).

And when you think you might have stumbled upon the right one they always end up losing their color, their shape or simply run out of the appeal they seemed to have as you spotted that the trend went from skinny to mom jeans!

Could we say, through this constant struggle, that the perfect jeans does not exist ? well at least all this begs the question (a last one I promise) how do you do denim?

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